Inspiration From Around The World

On October 25, 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in interviews with multiple dancers and choreographers from around the world via Skype.  This event was definitely one of my most exciting experiences with the OSU dance department thus far.  Everything that these dancers had to say was immensely inspiring, however, there were two that impacted me the most significantly: Lucia Llopis from Argentina and Sarah Lewis from the UK. 

There were two major topics that Lucia discussed that really stuck out to me.  The first thing that stood out to me was her point of view on working with different choreographers.  She said that she enjoys choreographers that challenge her to figure out what they’re thinking.  She loves trying to sense where the choreographer is going with their movement and what direction they are taking.  This is such an insightful approach to working with a choreographer and definitely something I enjoy as well.  This outlook makes the process so much more involved and enjoyable.  Another fascinating thing that she said was that there was not a specific turning point in her career as a dancer; all of her experiences impacted her.  I love this point of view.  By making each experience as important as the next, whether it is a bad or a good, every single day as a dancer becomes noteworthy.

Sara Lewis discussed something that I feel was reassuring to everyone in the room: every dancer has a point in their life where they question if they really want to pursue dance as a career.  Knowing this, and saying it aloud, is so reassuring and learning about how Sara dealt with this question was extremely helpful.  She explained to us how she had an identity crisis when she injured her ankle and was unable to dance.  I think the question most of us face when we encounter a serious injury is “Who am I if I can’t dance?”.  This is the point where we realize that so much of our identity is associated with being a dancer.  Sara found that, through yoga, she was able to reduce this anxiety.  I loved hearing her story of how she found an identity outside of dance and I feel that this is something that we all need to do.  There is so much more to life than dancing, which is a difficult concept to accept at times, however, to be the best we can be at our art form, I feel that this is an important thing to realize. Personally, I’m still searching for my identity outside of dance, but the conversation we had with Sara was able to continue pushing me to search for it.  It’s an enthusing thing to search for and I’m so excited for when I discover it.

Freelance Choreographer, Performer, Photographer, and Stage Manager

One thought on “Inspiration From Around The World

  1. I love that you discussed Sarah Lewis, I agree with everything you are feeling. Having doubts is something that everyone goes through, but is sometimes difficult to admit or say out loud. To hear from another person that doubts are normal and it is even healthy to have was comforting. Very nice post!

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